Reading Movies Without Sight or Sound

This exercise involved watching this scene first without sound, then again with sound but not watching the scene, and then finally watching with the sound.  I was to analyze the camera work, analyze the audio track without picture, and then analyze them both together.

Watching The Shawshank Redemption (1994) prison break clip with no sound I notice how slow the scene moved. I counted about seven different camera positions. There were times when this character was sitting at the desk and in the tunnel where he was dark shadowed out. I did notice him packing a bag with some items and te camera panned right toward the bag he was filling. There were victorious moments that he appeared in up shots, when he came out of the tunnel and when he was taking off his shirt toward the end of the scene.

The audio only version where I listen to this same scene with out watching it I notice in the beginning the music was pleasant and melodic. This was going on with some paper shuffling simultaneously during some melodic piano playing. The first round of thunder I noticed the music changed. It became more low in tones no longer a piano, but sound like a cello was playing in a staccato style fashion. When the pipe banging began the music and thunder increased The music became even shorter, sharper and louder. The narrator explained what the character was crawling in and how far he had to climb through the that tunnel. I could tell the climax of the scene from the music. It was now a full orchestra playing with victorious music ending in laughter.

Watching the scene with music I saw the girl poster for the first time which I did not notice when analyzing the camera shots. The scene appeared twice as fast as it did watching it with no sound. What I did not notice by voiding my audible senses was the length of the tunnel. The transition from the tunnel to the creek gave me no indication how far he climbed. The scene had to have the audio track with the narrator to convey that message.

6 thoughts on “Reading Movies Without Sight or Sound”

  1. I really like the clip you had choose. You really took your time to explain you clip. I am really impressed that you were able to pick up the minute details in both the audio in the picture.

    1. Thank you Omar, I really try to concentrate just on the task and not think of it as watching a movie. Taking music all through school may have helped a little bit (not to mention being kind of nosy). I also try to go on feeling verses my senses, judge how the sound make you feel.

  2. Cool clip. I like that you included how the music made you feel during certain parts of the clip. I did not think to add that in mine. I enjoy the fact that your post is like a conversation. I can follow your steps and story that you went through. Also I could not get my video to embed from the link that was given. How did you do it? The only critique that I have is maybe create a more interesting post title!

    1. There are times some links just do not work. Sometimes I can’t even see the videos, so I just search for the video on YouTube. Once on YouTube select the share tab, then select the embed tab. There should be a highlighted link. Copy that link and return to your blog site, and select add new post once you have done that the right tab on the body of your post is a text tab (select that one) and copy your link there. It should just look like a code. Select the visual tab and you should see a grey box. That is your video you just cannot see it until you preview or publish (just select preview first just in case).

      I hope that helped.

  3. You picked a great movie clip to analyze here. So to begin, great choice! I also think your analysis was good, you covered all your bases. However, if I were to suggest anything, it would be that you conclude your thoughts with a little more detail. You could talk about the different perspective you had when you finally watched the audio and visual clips together. Otherwise, I think you did a great job! Morgan Freeman is the bomb :)

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